Liftmaster Barrier Gate Operators

Liftmaster Barrier Gate Operators

Liftmaster Barrier Gate Arm Operators

Liftmaster is a great choice for Liftmaster barrier arm gates for gated communities, commercial,  industrial and residential use. Liftmaster offers some of the most innovative gate and access control solutions to market. Liftmaster products are designed to keep your community, commercial site and residential secure yet  keep the traffic flowing. the BG770 or the MATDB Mega arm barrier gate operator and the BG 790 when it comes to traffic management, Liftmaster provides a simple more flexible system that provides the results in controlling parking, traffic flow and security.  Liftmaster Industry professionals, have designed these packages to keep property secure while managing traffic and to reflect the most popular needs they see in commercial and industrial work places. When you combine Liftmaster’s industry leading Gate Operators, Access Control Systems and Accessories with professional installation, you get peace of mind you can’t find anywhere else. Completely customized systems. Years of reliable performance. Unparalleled safety and security.


Liftmaster Barrier Operators are designed and engineered for the best possible performance in the Barrier operator Industry.  From standard AC with DC capable options all applications in commercial and industrial operation is available. All Liftmaster Barrier Operators can be integrated with many different options for access control for entry exit

The Mega Arm Sprint and Mega Arm Sprint Tower are DC-powered, high-speed additions to the LiftMaster® family of gate operators. Designed with a 24V DC (1/2 HP equivalent) motor, these models provide exceptional speed, making them ideal for parking applications. Constructed.

The BG 790  When an application calls for a large barrier gate, LiftMaster's BG790 with its wishbone style arm has the reliability and features you require for a commercial installation. The BG790 can be utilized in a high traffic area or integrated with another style gate to create a trap.

The LiftMaster BG770  a single arm for  reliable performance barrier gate operator for industrial applications such as airports, parking garages, and manufacturing plants. For smaller applications like parking areas, parking garage entry exit or small business entry it is an all around Barrier Operator.

The Mega Arm Tower/Mega Arm are high-traffic DC powered barrier gate operators with Battery Backup that will keep traffic flowing and provide easy in and out access 24 hours a day.




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