Nasatka Crash Barrier

Nasatka Crash and K rated Bollards and Barrier Gate Openers

Nasatka Security has provided crash rated barrier gate operator protection for some of the highest profile government agencies, military installations and corporate facilities in the United States and around the world. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Nasatka Security is the originator of the first, crash-tested K rated  barrier gate systems developed, manufactured, and installed in the United States. Nasatka Security’s ongoing commitment to research and development crash rated high security gate operator systems enables it to remain an industry leader. Maximize your return with a capital equipment investment in Nasatka’s trouble-free, highly functional, barrier gate operator and bollard systems. Nasatka Security’s barrier gate systems meet the challenging mandates of today and tomorrow’s maximum-perimeter-vehicle-access-control security needs.  Nasatka Security retains an ongoing commitment to the research and development of K-rated mobile, bollard and wedge barriers.

Nasatka has been experiencing a rapid transformation. Responding to the growing global need for integrated security solutions, Nasatka expanded its specialty to providing CCTV, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection and Passive Barriers. In the United States and overseas, Nasatka Security remains on the forefront of development, ensuring their customers safety with their Global Lines of Defense. Please call us at 775-588-1475 x 152 for pricing,estimates and information on the Nasatka Crash Systems. Upswung offers the best lowest pricing available.


Nasatka K rated crash Bollards Retractable bollards powered by either 100 percent electric operation or hydraulic electric operation. Architectural crash bollard designs by Nasatka bring environmental and aesthetic enhancements to any site, securing perimeter access without providing a sense of social disorder and active alarm measures. Built to last, Nasatka supplies crash rated bollards including K4, K8 and K12.

Nasatka K4/K8/K12 Crash Beams  The NMSB XII family of crash beam barriers is ideal for access-control scenarios with low to medium vehicle-traffic. Drop arm barrier operation overcomes terrain issues due to snowplows or other roadway obstacles. Their optimal operation, as “sally-port” systems to work in unison with Nasatka’s steel-plate or bollard barriers, creates a virtually impenetrable stoppage and trapping configuration

K12 Sliding Crash Gate NMSB XX The NMSB XX is a cantilevered sliding crash gate for high-threat security facilities. The NMSB XX is DOS rated to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 50 mph. The average barrier opening is 12ft. Clear opening sizes from 12 ft. to 24 ft. are available. The Sliding Gate Assembly contains three main components: Gate Support Frame Assembly, Barrier Gate Assembly and Receiver Assembly. This barrier can be manually operated, or controlled using an electro-hydraulic or all electric motor. Typical power for this barrier is 115-480V, 1 or 3 phase, 50hz or 60hz.

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