Hysecurity Barrier Gate Operators

Hysecurity Barrier Gate Operators

HySecurity Barrier Gate Operators

HySecurity gate operators, crash gates, barrier arms and wedge barrier arm operators provide unparalleled reliability, quality, total lifetime value, and field configurable functionality. These respected machines protect everything from terrorism targets to single family residences worldwide. All of our operator designs are tested for millions of cycles before release to the market. Slide, swing, traffic barrier, vertical lift, parking and crash operators all receive the same kind of rigorous testing. Security, reliability, low maintenance, flexible speed and overall toughness are our foremost criteria.

Hy Security Barrier Gate Operators are used in a wide variety of capacities from High Security, industrial, correctional and border sites to commercial, parking and multi-family residential applications. HySecurity Barrier Gate Operators are chosen when quality and high duty cycles are required. Strength, reliability, and our industry leading warranty make HySecurity operators the only choice for many designers. Any secure facility with high traffic volume, high security or low maintenance requirements can be well served by these tough, reliable operators.


The StrongArm ParkDC Parking and revenue control operator with thousand plus cycles after AC power loss10 to 14ft arms(3 to 4.3 m),8 or 9 ft articulating arm (2.4 or 2.7 m)Field adjustable open/close time: 1.5 to 3.5 seconds Advanced breakaway arm bracket Solar model available Intelligent charging systemSmart DC Controller

Wedge Smart DC Parking and Crash rated wedge barrier arm with hundreds of cycles after AC power loss. 9, 10, 12, 14 ft lane widths (2.7, 3, 3.7, 4.3 m). Optional articulating arm Open/close time: 5 seconds Surface mount Intelligent charging system
Solar model available with Smart DC Controller.
Strong Arm Industrial for heavy duty applications and multiple traffic lanes.Up to 36 ft arms (11 m)2 to 8 seconds open speed.
Extremely low maintenance and a Heavy duty, secure chassis with a Smart Touch Controller. Programmable dual gate or sequenced gate integration. UPS model available.
Strong Arm Anti Ram, Anti Crash. The ultimate in hardened security Crash certified. Fast arm speed, 6-8 seconds with unique dual arm design. With proven reliable hydraulics controls securely housed in pivot post. Full 90° opening.

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