Linear (OSCO) Gate Operator and Access Control Accessories

Linear (OSCO) Gate Operator and Access Control Accessories.
Linear Osco is a great choice for Slide, Swing and Barrier Gate Operators for gated communities, commercial, industrial and residential use. Linear offers some of the most innovative gate and access control solutions on the market today. Linear Osco products are designed to keep your community, commercial site and residence secure yet keep the traffic flowing.  The ideal access system balances the competing demands for security and convenience. With a range of access control solutions, including Telephone Entry solutions, and the market leading Door-Gard stand alone keypad line, Secured Series PC-based access. Linear offers customers the right solution for their application and combines that solution with a commitment to excellence in service and support. Linear  Industry professionals have designed these products to keep property secure while managing traffic and to reflect the most popular needs they see in commercial and industrial work places. When you combine Linear's industry leading Swing Gate Operators, Access Control Systems and Accessories with professional installation, you get peace of mind you can’t find anywhere else.


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