Byan Hydraulic Gate Operators

Byan Hydraulic Gate Operators

Byan Hydraulic Swing and Slide Gate Operators

Byan Systems has been providing the highest quality automated gate systems since 1991. The leading innovator in the field of linear hydraulic swing gate operators and prewire controls. Our hydraulic operators are capable of installations ranging from private residential to heavy continuous duty cycle commercial applications. Our products are ETL listed and comply with the latest requirements designated by UL325. We offer a vast array of accessories to support and complement our products. The Byan Systems line is unsurpassed in quality, performance and reliability. The technical assistance provided is unequalled in the industry. We offer a 5 year warranty on new operators. Byan Systems consistently strives to offer superior customer service.


About Byans HYD Slide Gate Operator
Our unique rack and pinion design does not allow for the rack to disengage from the operator. The high-torque motor floats with the gate so that even an 8 inch crown in the driveway will not disengage the operator.  Our design is the most powerful model in its category. The variable pressure design can be adapted to the required pressure simply by regulating limiter valves. By regulating the power to a suitable level, the operator can move gently but firmly. The gate can even be stopped manually when in motion. All units are equipped with a thermal probe, which, in the event of overheating, ensures that by cutting off the power supply the operation is interrupted. The HYD1000 has no exposed chains or linkage to detract from the gate's visual appearance. Units are also available in black, bronze, gray, green and red. Colors are subject to an additional charge

The HYD1000 is a strong and dependable rack and pinion Slide Gate Operator. This model was designed to operate with precision under the most demanding conditions. It is suitable for commercial and residential use and is rated for continous duty with adjustable opening and closing pressures. The HYD1000 has an automatic bypass for operation in the event of a power outage.

About Byan Hydrualic Swing Gate Arm Operators
Byan's Hydraulic operators lock in both the open and closed positions. For gates 12 feet in length, electric locks are recommended. In some states and cities (in case of a power outage), the gate must be able to be pushed open by the fire ore emergency vehicle. We can take out the hydraulic check valve in the closed position. You must then use an electric lock to keep the gate closed. With the operator mounted inside the property, the operator can be installed to swing inward or outward. Most mechanical operators must be mounted on the side the gate will swing toward.  All hydraulic gate operators in the Eliminator Series  need no positive stops. The operator automatically slows the gate during the final 5 degrees of motion.

The 500 Series is a residential swing gate operator. As a light-duty operator, it should be subject to no more than 60 cycles per hour. This operator is recommended for gates 12 feet long or shorter that weight less than 1,500 lbs. Opening speed is approximately 12 seconds. It slows down the last 5 to 10 degrees of the swing.

The 600 Series is a residential and medium-duty commercial operator for applications that require 100 cycles per hour or less. It is ideal for uses that do not require continuous duty. The 600 Series is unique in that it does not require positive stops. On all hydraulic operators, the gates must make contact with an obstruction that causes them to stop, both when closing and opening. The 600 Series travels at normal speed until it reaches the last 5 to 10 degrees of travel. It then automatically slows, negating the need for positive stops.

The 800/900 Series comes in three different styles and 2 different voltages. 800/900 Standard Operator. This operator can be used for most applications. The gate leaf cannot exceed 16 feet. It will open a gate with a 90 degree swing in 12 seconds and close the gate in 14 seconds. 800/900 Slow Speed. This slow-speed operator should be used in applications where the gate is over 16 feet, the gate travels up or down a hill, and/or the gate frame will flex when it reaches the end of travel. It will open a gate with a 90 degree swing in 17 seconds and close the gate in 20 seconds. 800/900 Long. This operator is normally used in applications where the gate column is too large in diameter for normal mounting dimensions or in applications where an insert cannot be mounted in the column. It will open a gate with a 90 degree swing in 12 seconds and close the gate in 14 seconds.

The 1100 Series is an in-ground operator. The drive unit for the gate is buried with the drive center line within the gate hinges. The power pack is located somewhere else and the hydraulic lines are run underground to the drive unit. This installation allows for a completely invisible system.This unit can be installed to swing inward or outward. There is no need for positive stops.





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