SEA Hydraulic Slide Operators

SEA Hydraulic Slide Operators

SEA Hydraulic Slide Gate Operators 

SEA USA Inc., leading company in the sector of automations for houses and buildings. Offers a wide range of automations for swing gates, sliding doors, automatic barriers and bollards for car park management.
SEA USA is one of the world leaders in Barrier Gate, Hydraulic Swing and Slide Operators.  SEA USA produces some of the longest life, most reliable and durable operators such as the Sea Full Tank and Half Tank Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators and its Sea Vela Barrier Gate Operator. SEA USA gate operators range of models available is one of the industry’s broadest range of working hydraulic operators there is. SEA USA offers a complete line of Solar Hydraulic Gate Operators also. 
SEA USA offers Accessories for entry and exit control for all of its Swing, Sliding and Barrier gate Operators. These accessories include safety devices that sense obstructions in the path of the gate, like ground loops and safety photo eyes. Also included are access control devices that open  the gate such as FOBs, keypads, key switches, transmitters, receivers and more. For any SEA USA gate operator installation to meet UL or ETL safety standards the manufacturer recommended and supplied devices must be installed. 

We sell SEA hydraulic Slide gate openers and gate operators which are of the highest quality, and durability that's superior to mechanical electric gate openers. SEA offers a  wide range of models for every application.  All SEA automatic gate openers have the UL 325 listing.SEA manufactures all  internal working parts at their factory to maintain the highest quality control. These are not just the usual assembled gate openers with  parts from the cheapest source- Every SEA Gate Opener is built with quality from the ground up. Upswung offers SEA Gate operators at the best possible pricing.  Please call us at Upswung 1-775-588-1475 ext 152 for the best possible lowest pricing available. Speak with qualified, knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives for information and questions. Thank you, we appreciate your business!


SEA Lepus Rack and Pinion Slide Gate Operator for gates max weight 1200 Pounds, intensive use (75%)  Complete lubrication of motor and all mechanical components for longer life and intensive use  Manual release protected through a lid with key for safety  Gears housed in a single piece cast aluminum block  Encoder (detection sensor) for reverse on obstacle  High quality mechanical, twin-disc clutch in oil
bath for torque adjustment.

Orion Box 24V DC Chain Sliding Gate Operator for Residentials.  Residential electromechanical chain sliding operator for gate up to 700 lbs It is very smooth and exceptionally quiet  It is a unique compact motorized gear box  Metal cover with cataphoresis treated box  Slow down in opening/closing with USER 1 - 24V DG  Reverse on obstruction  Very easy manual release with key  Mechanical limit switch  Receiver included.

SEA Saturn 1500 24V Gear rack Slide Gate Operator for condominium use up to 3300 lbs max weight.• Solid, die-cast aluminum body.  High quality mechanical limit switches.  Micro-switch for stop function on release lever in case of assistance.  Optional emergency batteries for operation in case of power failure.  Gears housed in a single piece cast aluminumblock.   Emergency batteries and solar panel KIT SUNNY in option.   Electronic clutch as an extra anti-crush safety device.  Reversing system in case of obstruction.

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