FAAC Swing Gate Operators

FAAC Swing Gate Operators

FAAC is a world leader in  Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators.  FAAC's mission is to produce the longest life, most reliable and safest opening systems on the market. FAAC's product range is one of the industries broadest range of working hydraulic operators there is. FAAC offer is subdivided into 4 product families. In each of these families, FAAC presents a complete and cutting-edge range able to satisfy the requirements of any demanding customer, both residential and industrial/commercial.

FAAC Hydraulic and Electro Mechanical Swing Gate Operator Systems are high-quality and durable units that ensure proper secured operation for your vehicle gates.  We carry FAAC gate operators that work for individual homes as well as solutions for commercial and Industrial locations. FAAC Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators(also known as gate motor,gate opener) are particular are excellent for businesses in a commercial setting. The FAAC 400 swing gate operator , in 5 sub models,  can handle gates from 900 to 1800lbs. FAAC offers a new market of Hydraulic Swing Gate operators. The S450 with all the features of the 400 series and Battery Backup. Battery Backup is a new concept in hydraulic swing gate operators, andFAAC is a leading product in this field.  In its Electro Mechanical field FAAC still maintains the highest marks for its 415 system. New to this market is also a Battery Backup system the S418.  Dependable in all applications, duarable and finely engineered the FAAC swing gate operator systems are the best choice for any application. As an authorized FAAC Distributor we will give you the customer post-sales maintenance and warranty support.  Call for Customer Service at 775-588-1475 x 152.


FAAC 400 The FAAC Model 400 hydraulic swing gate operator is specifically designed for situations needing maximum versatility, such as certain apartment, subdivision, commercial/industrial and residential applications. It's strength also makes the 400 an excellent choice for large, ornate gates. Various models are the 402, 422 400 extended geometry and the 400 Rapid.

FAAC S450 Battery Backup for power outage this Hydraulic Operator for residential/condominium and commercial swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 14ft and single-leaf weight of 1,100lbs with opening/closing stops included.

FAAC S418 24VDC Electro-Mechanical swing gate operator with single-leaf max. Length of 12 FT and max. single-leaf
weight of 500lbs with integrated mechanical stops. A great choice for residential application.

FAAC S800 For concealed/underground application this 24VDC Hydraulic Underground operator for residential swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 13ft and single-leaf max. weight of 1,300lbs. The model S800H includes a hydraulic manual release and built-in positive stops.

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