RSSI Wedge and Barrier Gate Operators

Located in beautiful Panama City, Florida, RSSI designs and manufactures  the most technologically advanced vehicle barriers and crash gates in the world. The RSSI wedge and Barrier Gate Operator Products can be deployed in a single lane, multiple lane, over watch, or vehicle choke point configuration. All barriers and wedges are fully operational and self-contained shipped from the factory ready to install.
RSSI offers the highest vehicle traffic control crash gate security in their Finger Wedge, The Cable Trap, The Drop Beam Barrier, The Mobile Surface Barrier and Bollards.  A solution for any application. Please call us at Upswung 1-775-588-1475 ext 152 for the best possible lowest pricing available. Speak with qualified, knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives for information and questions. Thank you, we appreciate your business!





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