BFT Swing Gate Operators

 BFT Swing Hydraulic and Electro Mechanical Gate Operators

 BFT  is a top selling product that is proven to satisfy due to its ability to maintain speed and efficiency while boasting durability and high quality.  BFT offers a variety of Swing Gate Operators for all applications.  BFT is well known for their LUX and P4, P5 Hydraulic Swing Arm Actuator Operators which are column/pillistar mounted.  The LUX operator is offered in many different kit applications to accommodate any size gate you may have.  BFT is a leader in compact, tight applications, swing arm actuators. The IGEA and JOINT operators are specifically designed for small room applications.  The VIRGO application is also a compact and one of the leading sellers in the industry.  BFT offers the PHOBOS swing arm actuator operator as a quality residential, light commercial standard operator.  It is a well known operator for its quality and engineering and its low cost. BFT Gate Openers have the UL 325 listing. BFT manufactures all  internal working parts at their factory to maintain the highest quality control. These are not just the usual assembled gate openers with  parts from the cheapest source- Every BFT barrier Gate Opener is built with quality from the ground up.
BFT Supplies Swing and Slide Gate Openers, Hydraulic Operators, Road Barriers, and an entire line of
parts and accessories at all-time low prices to place added security at your home or business. BFT offers an exquisite line
of products designed for its customers' ease of use and satisfaction. Be sure to take a look at the exclusive slide, swing,
and hydraulics Solar Kit packages, completely all-inclusive and ready to install. Our friendly and knowledgable sales staff is
available at 775-588-1475 to answer any questions you may have about BFTgate openers, hydraulic operators, road barriers.


BFT IGEA is a great electromechanical motor for automating the swing gate with a leaf of up to 2,5 m in length and weighting up to 250 kg. it can be mounted on pillars of the big dimensions (even 30 cm) and opening up to 125°. The anti-crushing protection system automatically inverts motions preventing damage to people and property in case of detecting any obstacle.

BFT PHOBOS  version powered at 24V has been specially designed for simpler and faster installation in compliance with latest safety
standards Thanks to the obstruction sensing device, the operator reverses motion and prevents damage to people and vehicles in the event
of contact. BFT PHOBOS operator can handle up to 550 lb (250 kg) up to 16'5'' (5 m) gate leaf.

BFT LUX  Hydraulic Swing Gate  110 Volt Handles Gates 660lbs 10' gate leaf.  BFT offers the LUX in many different models to handle larger gates up to 1750lbs. The LUX is also offered in a 24vdc operation which is rare for a Hydraulic Operator.  Several versions available: with slowdown, internal positive stops, longer stroke. All of them are irreversible.

BFT SUB G has tow versions avialable for your gate swing angles. This is a powerful in-ground sight unseen operator.  Maintenance is carried out without any need to raise or disassemble the gate. The special foundation case makes it possible to remove the operator without taking off the gate leaf.  nstall a complete pre-wired electrical enclosure box to further improve aesthetics and add many optional entry and safety systems all in one confined lockable enclosure box.

BFT JOINT operator is suitable for residential use and has been designed for swing gates with particularly large gate posts. The drive arm, built with a special anti-shearing shape, allows the leaves to be moved when the controller is considerably out of place with respect to the fulcrum of the leaves. The non-reversible electro-mechanical gearmotor maintains the stop during closing and opening. The release lever, fitted in each controller and situated inside the door fitted with personalised key, allows the manual manoeuvre to be easily carried out.  24V DC and 120V AC electromechanical operator for residential use for gate up to 550Lbs and 10Ft.

BFT E5 has multiple installation possibilities thanks to the optional articulated arms (BLE5 or BSE5) which allow the use of the operator on a pillar or in very tight spaces. The E5 model consists of a compact electromechanical gearmotor with minimum overall dimensions which can be installed on any post or pillar thanks to its versatility. Gate locking in the closing position is guaranteed by an electric lock. BFT E5 Swing Gate Operator Single Kit Handles Gates 440LBS up to 7ft gate leafs.


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