Linear Slide Gate Operators

Linear (OSCO) Slide Gate Operators
The Slide Gate Operators offered by Nortek/Linear are some of the finest engineered products on the market today. As Long as Linear has been in the industry their Osco Sliding Gate Operators have been one of the most popular in this industry. If you looking for Heavy Duty Slide Gate control Linear Osco is the best choice for heavy work, consistency and security and safety. All Linear Osco slide gate operators meet the UL 325 standards. Together Nortek Linear Corp, LLC (OSCO)  is built on innovation and sets the standard high on all their automatic gate openers. If you are interested in purchasing a gate operator, make it a Nortek/Linear and be sure to call us for questions and information on these operators. Upswung Corp 1-775-588-1574 ext 152.

Nortex/Linear/  OSCO Sliding Gate Operators - Models SLC, SLR, SLD, GSLG, VS-GSLG and HSLG offering DC backup and Solar operation for Residential or Commercial or Industrial Gate Operators.


The Models SLC, SLR, SLD Slide Gate Operators are used for residential and commercial applications.  The heavier engineered Models GSLG and HSLG slide gate operators are some of the industries best for commercial and industrial applications. These operators are offered in DC battery backup units and a variety of  voltage/phase combinations.  With the new upgraded APEX control boards there is no issue with adapting any or all access controls for your gate operations.

The Linear Osco HSLG series slide gate operator features the APeX control board, a durable powder coated finish, and includes a 5 year warranty. Great for industrial and commercial applications. Max gate size: 55 ft, 1700 lbs.

The Linear Osco GSLG Use this heavy duty slide gate operator for industrial and commercial uses. Operates gates up to 78 ft long and 2200 lbs. As the HSLG series all voltage and phase configurations are available.

The Linear Osco SLD Commercial / Residential duty slide gate operator with DC battery backup. Solar power capable with 24 volt solar panels. The SLD has four programmable options for gate operation in case of an AC power failure: Max gate size: 40 ft, 1000 lbs

The LInear Osco SLR  are you looking for a durable slide gate opener for your home? This residential slide gate operator opens gates at a rate of 11" per second. Designed and manufactured by Linear Nortek, the leading name in gate operators.


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