BFT Gate Operator and Access Control Accessories

BFT  Gate Operator and Access Control Accessories

BFT Gate Operator Accessories and Parts for Swing, Slide and Barrier Gate Operators.
BFT® Gate Operator Accessories are  made for lasting durability and dependability. BFT Gate accessories are some of the best engineered products in this class on the market today. Gate Accessories expand the functionality of gate operators to provide safety and security for facilities requiring gated access. Available accessories include  Solar Panel Kit, Keypads, Telephone Access Controls, Wireless Controls, Galvanized Rack for Slide Gate Opertors, Goose Neck Mount, Light Kit, Magnetic Lock Kit, Infrared Photo Eyes, Remote Transmitter. Most all of the BFT Accessory line offers up to  30-month limited warrantyBFT Supplies Swing and Slide Gate Openers, Hydraulic Operators, Road Barriers, and an entire line of parts and accessories at all-time low prices to place added security at your home or business. BFT offers an exquisite line of products designed for its customers' ease of use and satisfaction. Be sure to take a look at the exclusive slide, swing, and hydraulics Solar Kit packages, completely all-inclusive and ready to install. Our friendly and knowledgable sales staff is available at 775-588-1475 to answer any questions you may have about BFTgate openers, hydraulic operators, road barriers.



BFT Keypad is The BFT P121024 Q-Box is a wireless digital keypad with 10 channels and can store 100 4-7 digit entry codes - perfect for a wide variety of entry systems

BFT Solar The BFT KELIBRC005U Ecosol/Libra pre-wired enclosure kit includes (1) Libra UL/CS A 24V control board with Ecosol interface, (2) 9 Amp/H batteries, (1) rolling code radio receiver, (1) pre-wired 12in x 14in box and (1) 10W solar panel with 15ft of panel cable

BFT Passy Transponder The BFT Passy transponder makes it possible to open and close your gate without performing any action. Similar to systems found on turnpikes, simply approach the gate and it will open automatically.

BFT Cellular Call Box w/ Keypad The BFT cellbox-kp allows you to open and close your gate via your GSM cell phone, and includes a keypad for standard entry situations. Enjoy the simplicity of being able to open your gate from your phone and receive cellbox calls anywhere in the world.


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