Doorking Swing Gate Operators

Doorking Swing Gate Operators

Doorking Swing Gate Operators

DoorKing offers a complete line of products to control vehicular traffic into your residential, commercial driveways and parking areas. From Swing Gate Operators, Sliding Gate Operators and Barrier Gate Operators to Traffic Control Spikes. DoorKing can provide the complete solution for your gate control needs. DoorKing was the first company to use microprocessors and electronic magnetic limits in their vehicular gate and parking control operator designs. Doorkings fail-safe entrapment prevention system was incorporated into DKS vehicular gate operators decades before entrapment protection became a part of the safety standard for vehicular gate operators. DKS gate operators have long been considered the safest vehicular gate operators on the market. Doorking offfers a full line of Acessories for your Swing Gate Operator operation from keypads and wirelss entry and free exit controls to remote access control and software implants for event control and security. 

Doorking Residential Gate Operators come in a variety of pad or post mount and concealed inground implants as well as column mount installs for tight space accommodations. A wide variety of operators exist. The 6002, 6100, 6300, 6400, 6524DC use straight AC current but can offer DC battery backup. Doorking offers many solutions in the solar class for your needs.  These solar setups are of high quality and well engineered for residential and commercial applications. From the short light duty swing gate to the extra long heavy duty swing gate Doorking is an excellent choice.

Doorking Commercial and Industrial  Gate Operators offers high qualtiy and low maintainence in heavy gate and high security gate operations. Most all are pad mounted but a base plate is offered for post mount applications.  The 6300, 6500, 6524 and 6550  are  designed and engineered for heavy gate applications from 40000lbs up to and including 2,000lbs .Straight AC only and 24/VDC battery Backup is available.  Like the DKS Swing Gate Operator the Slide Operators offer a Solar operation in almost every class of operation.


Doorking 6100 Swing Gate Operator designed to operate swing gates in residential or commercial applications. Entrapment prevention system reverses gate on contact.  Smooth operation no slamming when gate closes. Arm joint cover helps eliminate pinchpoints when closing.

Doorking 6002 Swing Gate Operator  operator actuator mounts directly on your gate and pilaster, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for concrete pads.  This Operator has 24vdc and is solar capabable

Doorking 6003 Swing Gate Operator operator actuator mounts directly on your gate and pilaster, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for concrete pads. This compact actuator uses extruded aluminum material to provide a clean profile that will blend in with any gate design.

Doorking 6300 Swing Gate Operator  operators are designed so that they can be either pad or post mounted without any costly and time consuming field modifications.  The unique design of these operators allows the gate arm to be attached to the bottom rail of the gate.

Doorking 6400 Swing Gate Operator  installs in-ground making it virtually invisible and satisfies the most sophisticated automation needs without being detrimental to the original gate design. Invisible and powerful, the motor/drive mechanism is constructed in die-cast aluminum with a special corrosion-proof treatment, and because the drive unit is gear driven, there is no need to worry about hydraulic leaks, check valves or pumps.

Doorking 6500 Swing Gate Operator  series operators are designed to operate vehicular swing gates in residential, commercial and industrial applications for both single and bi-parting gates. The unique design of this operator allows for easy access to the electronics and mechanical areas of the operator without ever having to remove the gate arm.

Doorking 6524 Swing Gate Operator  keeps running when AC power is lost. The solar power version is ideal in applications where AC power is unavailable and allows you to add your own solar system for power, or you can choose the DKS solar kit. 



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