Linear (OSCO) Swing, Slide and Barrier Gate Operators

The name of our Company is changing from Linear LLC to Nortek Security & Control LLC to better reflect our market leadership position in smart control, which is a result of 50+ years of innovation in the wireless security and control space. Nortek Security & Control History. Linear Corporation was founded in 1961 by Ted Farrell, who served as President and Chief Executive Officer. William A. Schanbacher joined the Los Angeles-based Company as a co-principal shortly after incorporation. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Originally, Linear was a retail operation that sold and installed automatic garage door operators for residential installations. However, both principals had made the decision early to create an electronics manufacturing company and soon acquired the rights to manufacture wireless radio controls marketed under the trade name "Tamar." Soon after beginning production of the Tamar products, Messrs. Farrell and Schanbacher established a limited wholesale market for their products in San Diego, California. From 1962 through 1965, distribution expanded throughout the United States. Concurrently, the Company designed and built an advanced set of controls that were smaller, more reliable, and more attractively packaged than the competitive controls. From 1965 through 1975, Linear marketed a proprietary line of wireless controls based on a Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) coding and transmission technique developed in-house. The success of this equipment in the door controls marketplace accounted for the Company's rapid growth during that period. FSK also enabled the Company to produce its first home security systems comprised of proprietary components. A new line of digitally coded transmitters and receivers was introduced in 1975. With a large number of discrete codes available, this equipment enabled Linear to move to a commanding position in the industry as a supplier of high-tech home security systems.

The Vehicle Gate Operators offered by Nortek/Linear are some of the finest engineered products on the market today. As Long as Linear has been in the industry their Osco Barrier Operators have been one of the most popular and is now one of the leading Solar Systems available in the industry.  With their Commercial Swing and Slide Gate Operators they are sought after for industrial use based on their consistancy for long term operation with heavy use.  Within the residential class of Swing and Slide Gate Openers Linear is rated as one of the best products in engineering, durability and reliablity.
Security and Safety is and always has been a number one priority in meeting all UL 325 standards in all of Linear's equipment.

Nortex/Linear/ OSCO / Linear Gate Openers - OSCO Barrier Gates - Models VS-GSLG, VS-GSWG, HSLG, GSLG-A, SL Series, SW Series, BGU, BGU-D, BGUS, SG, offering Swing or Slide, Residential or Commercial or Industrial Gate Operators. For Customer Service with any of these operators please call us for help at Upswung, 775-588-1475 x 152.

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