Wavetrend RX211 Access Reader

Wavetrend RX211 Access Reader

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RX211 Access Reader

The RX211 provides instant reporting of all detected Wavetrend active RFID tags. It supports RS232, RS485 and USB connection and can operate in rugged conditions at ultra long ranges, subject to the appropriate antenna being fitted to the unit. The RX211 can be configured to run in direct control via a PC or in response mode as a standalone unit. In direct control mode the client PC will receive data from the Access reader and can switch the readers IO's on/off to lift barriers open/ shut doors as directed.

The Wavetrend RX211 provides the perfect access solution. Up to 500 unique tag IDs and IO positions can be loaded into the Access reader. An upgrade is available to increase the standard number of tag IDs and IO positions if required. Once the tag IDs and IO positions are uploaded the reader will respond automatically without the need for a PC and software application.

The RX211 data output can be selected as a Wiegand output allowing it to be directly controlled by existing door controllers.

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