Guardian In-Ground Spike Strips

Guardian In-Ground Spike Strips

Guardian In-Ground Spike Strips

Guardian Traffic Systems has been manufacturing a complete line of traffic road spikes since 1985.  Utilizing a team of professional designers, engineers and manufacturing experts, Guardian offers the most extensive line of commercial road spikes and barriers in the world and has been setting the industry standard for premier road blocking technology.

Traffic spike barrier systems are designed to allow vehicular access in one direction while preventing access in the opposite.  This provides an effective and low cost method for vehicle access control.  Known by many names from directional control devices to tiger teeth, sabre teeth, road blockers, road sharks, tire rippers, alligator teeth, tire cutters, tire disabler and the list goes on.  Guardian has its own trademarked names for its products from Cobra to King Cobra, Dominator, Eliminator, Enforcer, Protector, Python, Sting Ray, Viper, Terminator, with more on the drawing board.

Inground or Flush mount so often called can be used in all commercial and residential applications. This product is great for low profile traffic and heavy vehicle traffic. It is recommended that speed bumps be used with this product.  Always, signage is mandatoryto be used to notify vehicles of spikes in place and warning of damage that may occur.


The Cobra standard inground unit is capable of handling axle load from 15,000lbs up to 40,000lbs. Sold in 6' sections its easily installed with access to the units from a top down plate making it conveinent for cleaning and maintenace. the Cobra is offered in a powder coat paint of galvanized stainless steel. These units can be locked down to create two way traffic if necessary.

The Cobra is offered in 5 different models from EZ install light duty to heavy duty applications also EZ install.  The King Cobra offers a 40,000 pound axle load for large commercial vehicles.

The Stingray is built with Non-Penetrating Above Grade Teeth and Below Grade Penetrating Teeth. Concealed, as they are this is a  “Pedestrian Friendly” Traffic Spike System. A completely unigue design these systems are also offered in 6' lengths eithe powdercoated red or in stainless steel galvanized.

The ENFORCER™  is a fully integrated electro-mechanical, highly-efficient, In-Ground Spike Barrier System that is all steel construction with a full-featured gate barrier system with optional boom arm and stop-go light. The heavy-duty steel penetrating spikes are engineered to puncture the tire system of intruding vehicle. This model is great for controlling two-way directional traffic.



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