Wavetrend ActivDuo Key Fob Tag (TGF-A)

Wavetrend ActivDuo Key Fob Tag (TGF-A)

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ActivDuo Tags

Wavetrend offers the range of ActivDuo™ tags for purchase by our customers in the USA and Canada. For our customers outside the USA and Canada, please refer to our Activ™ range of tags.

Key fob Tag (TGF-A)

The Key fob tag is intended for use indoors with personnel tracking and management applications where the tag can be secured to a key chain or lanyard. The tag includes a push button that can be used to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency or allow for user initiated transmissions, such as for long range access control. It offers different user-configurable rates for its status transmissions and is splash proof.

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