Wavetrend ActivDuo Windshield Tag (TGP-A-WH)

Wavetrend ActivDuo Windshield Tag (TGP-A-WH)

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ActivDuo Tags

Wavetrend offers the range of ActivDuo™ tags for purchase by our customers in the USA and Canada. For our customers outside the USA and Canada, please refer to our Activ™ range of tags.

Windshield Tag (TGP-A-WH)

The Windshield tag has higher heat/cold resistance than the standard TGP-A tag and is intended for use in vehicles or indoors with access control, personnel and non-metal asset tracking and management applications. The tag incorporates a motion sensor giving immediate alerts on movement, and offers different user-configurable rates for both alert and status (regular) transmissions. It has an anti-tamper facility, implemented through the use of the TATGP Anti-Tamper Tag Attachment Kit (sold separately) to fix the tag to the inside of a vehicle's windscreen or to an asset. This tag is available in white only.

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